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Our Mission
We seek to honor God by a growing faith in Christ that is strengthened and expressed in:
  • Our worship of God and obedience to His Word,
  • Our loving and sacrificial responses to the needs of one another,
  • Our zeal to share God's love with a world broken by sin.

    Our Vision
    In order to more fully "honor God by a growing faith in Christ," we envision a future for our church with greater spiritual sensitivity and awareness of God's holiness and power in our lives. We will work for growth in unity in Christ, greater involvement in evangelism, and more shared ministry with every believer using the gifts God has provided. We look to church leaders to serve by training others so that every believer will be equipped and encouraged as full partners in ministry until the Lord returns.

    To realize this vision, the following priorities will be pursued:

  • We will broaden participation in small groups with other believers for spiritual growth, mutual support, identification of spiritual gifts, and encouragement in ministry.
  • We will strengthen ministries that respond to the needs of children, youth, single young adults, single parents, and older adults, with special emphasis on mutual ministry and encouragement.
  • We will more consistently call people to faith in Christ, both as individuals and as a corporate body of believers.
  • We will have a greater involvement in home and foreign missions through increased giving, short-term service, and more members going into career ministry.
  • We will assist the congregation in identifying their God-given ministries and provide training to carry them out.
  • We will strengthen families to resist the pressures of society which destroy them by equipping and encouraging parents in the spiritual training of their children, providing support for families in crisis, and training families in the principles of biblical stewardship and finance.
  • We will develop methods to help new people become a part of our assembly.
  • We will strengthen our relationships with one another through greater openness and intimacy.